Documentation Manager, Team Leader

I work at Huld as a technical documentation competence area leader and a team leader. The best thing about my job is its versatility.

In the recruitment phase we pay great attention to the applicant's personality, and we look for the types of people who fit into the group while bringing something new to the existing entity. For us, employees are the leading light of the company.

It is often said here that we have nice colleagues - and that's right. We have been investing in what kind of people are chosen to work here.

There is also a lot of investment in staff. This is true in many ways, for example, by the fact that we have been in the Great Place to Work survey for several years, ranked amongst the best working places in our category. The GPTW study provides pretty raw data about our work community and how well things really are here. We think the results are very important to us and ranking in the list has been a big deal. If you like to do all kinds of work, you are active and you enjoy liveliness, then this is the workplace for you.