Mechanical Designer, Team Leader

I am a father from Jyväskylä and spend my free time with my children and hobbies. I enjoy climbing and woodworking. I started working at RD Velho (now Huld) in early 2017 as a Senior Mechanical Designer and Team Leader.

Among the most important skills needed at Huld are interpersonal skills and expertise. One of the most important skills is the ability to be part of a team as a team player.

At Huld, employees are trusted and given responsibility. We work with clients, and thus it is important to get along with different personalities. This is a service profession, so your expertise must be at a good level. We all have the same goal and it’s important to work together for it.

The best thing about work is the team. When I started working here, I was surprised by the atmosphere and team spirit within the company and in the Jyväskylä office. I see Huld as a fair employer who invests in and values their employees. This is shown for example as great staff benefits and common events.

Employees are trusted and given responsibility. In my opinion these are two very important factors that influence employee satisfaction and motivation. We have a good team spirit and can also challenge ourselves.