APEX HERA Simulation Validation Facility (SVF) Engineer

Plzeƈ / Prague Apply before: 2020-03-16

Do you want to participate in a Space Mission which has not been yet done in the history of humankind? Are you passionate about Space and other complex technologies? At Huld you can be cooler than Bruce Willis in Armageddon so instead of flying to the asteroid on your own, you could just send your intelligent on-board software programmed at our Prague or Pilsen office.

As part of HERA/APEX project, you can join an international effort to test and observe asteroid deflection with a kinetic impactor and significantly improve our current understanding of asteroids (composition, magnetic field presence, etc.). The mission needs to find a way through several obstacles, while targeting a binary asteroid (asteroid orbiting around another asteroid). As a deep space mission, it presents a complex set-up to be achieved since remote monitoring from the Earth cannot provide enough information. Dear Jedi, this potentially will be used one day to save human lives or humankind as we know it.

Are you already thrilled? Buckle up your seat belt because this is only the beginning!

The HERA project is composed of full-size satellite (mother-craft, also named HERA) and two CubeSats to be deployed in close distance of the asteroid (APEX and Juventas). Our team is working on HERA satellite and APEX CubeSat.

We are Huld.

APEX/HERA Simulation Validation Facility (SVF) Engineer

As HW is developed in parallel with SW, you need to be able to test and validate the product without the complete environment in place. You need to develop Software Validation Facility, a simulator consisting mostly of SW running on a workstation and partly also of connected development boards.

How you will save the world? 

  • Solving tasks that are not completely defined (when developing an asteroid mission surprises might appear regularly)
  • Working with the team to design specifications for new features and enhancements to the system for the developer
  • Ability to cooperate with others and support more junior engineers, create a design, follow project rules, verify work of the team, regularly monitor progress, report to Project Manager, attend meetings with Customer, among others (Team leader position)
  • Develop a SW application running on a workstation, which simulates different HW nodes of real satellite / CubeSat in order to validate On-Board SW

What you need to bring onboard? 

  • A university degree (B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.)
  • Ambitious and achieving attitude with good communication skills
  • Fluent English
  • Minimum 3 years experience in embedded SW development
  • C and C++ programming language
  • Ability to read technical documentation and create requirement specifications based on it
  • Understanding of embedded HW

 What would be awesome?

  • Experience from space SW development
  • Experience from a similar project in other industry sectors
  • Knowledge of SMP and other standards 
  • Knowledge of C and/or Ada programming language
  • Tcl knowledge
  • Understanding of Ethernet and CAN
  • You consider yourself a Master Jedi

What is waiting for you? 

  • Possibility of working in an ambitious and international environment within a nice, relaxed atmosphere of smaller engineering company
  • Opportunities to grow and learn new things
  • Permanent employment contract
  • Flexible working hours, home office
  • Wide spectrum of company benefits
  • Immortality (provided by your software infinitely flying in space)

From where you will save the world?

Prague or Pilsen, Czech Republic

Send us your CV in English and a link to your working portfolio and impress us with your previous projects and experiences!

May the force be with you!